Our Favorite Pets From the 2015 Show Floor!

Although Global Pet Expo is not open to the public, it’s certainly open to the pets! Someone’s got to test all the products after all, right? Global Pet Expo was a thrilling three days of loving on adoptable puppies, petting the sweetest, softest cats, feasting our eyes on some beautiful fish and even learning about a day in the life of a pet pig!

 These are some of our favorite pet attendees from 2015:

 From tiny, teacup pups


and dogs too big for your lap,


to the greatest of Great Danes


 and glowing little fish.


We can’t forget about this gorgeous service dog,

 and this adorable pot belly pig, who got to ride in his stroller when the show floor got too exhausting!


Pets of all shapes and sizes attended the Show with their owners. Sometimes even eight at a time checking out the goodies:


Which pet did you love most?

Global Pet Expo Through the Years

When Global Pet Expo debuted in 2005, the Show boasted impressive numbers and set the course for unprecedented growth in the industry. From our humble beginnings a decade ago, Trade Show Executive Magazine now ranks Global Pet Expo as one of the top 100 trade shows in the nation. As we look forward to our 10th anniversary in 2014, we decided to take a look back on some of the most memorable moments that have made Global Pet Expo the standard in pet industry trade show excellence.



  • The APPMA Show and PIDA Pets Show were combined and rebranded as Global Pet Expo. It would quickly become the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. During the 2005 Show, there were 66 International Exhibitors, 630 Domestic Exhibitors, 2,049 Booths and 4,365 Pet Product Buyers.


  • The first ever “Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award ” was given to Dr. Marty Becker and Steve Dale for their lifetime dedication of giving animals and pets a voice in the media.


  • Buyer attendance jumped 26%, and Tradeshow Week magazine named Global Pet Expo one of the 50 fastest growing trade shows of the year.


  • The 4th Annual Allen Levey Golf Tournament, a popular pre-show event, was held at Torrey Pines just before the golf course hosted the U.S. Open.


  • Global Pet Expo outgrew its convention space in San Diego and moved across the country to Orlando, Florida in the Orange County Convention Center. The Orlando convention space is one of the few in the country that is large enough to accommodate the Show’s yearly increasing numbers.


  • The Natural Pet Section debuted on the show floor in response to the growing trend of natural, organic and holistic products for pets. In 2013, there were 150 booths in the Natural Pet section, the most ever in this sold out section of the show floor.


  • For the first time ever we announced the New Products Showcase “Best in Show” award winners during a special ceremony on the show floor. As the largest showcase of new products at any pet industry trade show, Global Pet Expo receives nearly 1,000 submissions each year.




  • For the first time ever, NBC’s Today Show broadcasted live from the Global Pet Expo floor giving a national spotlight to the show itself and the amazing exhibitors at the Show.


The 2013 Global Pet Expo was also the largest Show to date, breaking all previous records with 172 International Exhibitors, 964 Domestic Exhibitors, 2,686 Booths and 5,327 Pet Products Buyers.

As advances continue through technology, products and services, Global Pet Expo remains the leader in annual pet industry trade shows. Join us at Global Pet Expo 2014, March 12-14, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for our biggest and best Show yet!

Global Pet Expo Expands Categories for Retailer Excellence Awards in 2013

We, along with Pet Business Media, are pleased to announce four new categories for the second annual Global Pet Expo Retailer Excellence Awards. Designed to honor outstanding independent pet stores, new categories include Best Overall Single-Store Retailer, Best Overall Multi-Unit and Best Live-Animal Specialty Store. Results will be announced and the winners awarded during the Show’s annual breakfast, Feb. 21, 2013 at 8 a.m. at the Orange County Convention Center.

The Retailer Excellence Awards will be awarded to one independent pet store in each of the following ten categories:

  1. (NEW) Best Overall Single-Store Retailer: Recognizes a single-store retailer that excels in sales, customer service, store design, merchandising and community service.
  2. (NEW) Best Overall Multi-Unit Retailer (two -10 stores) and
  3. (NEW) Best Over Multi-Unit Retailer (10 or more stores):Two awards will recognize multi-unit retailers with between two and 10 stores and 10 or more stores that excel in sales, customer service, store design, merchandising and community service.
  4. (NEW) Best Live-Animal Specialty Store:  Recognizes a retailer that excels in sales, promotion, display, concern and knowledge of a dedicated live-animal category.
  5. Merchandising Excellence Award: Recognizes a retailer that demonstrates outstanding creative techniques to promote sales and services.
  6. Multi-Service Excellence Award: Recognizes a retailer that effectively offers a broad spectrum of services including grooming, training, boarding, etc.
  7. Marketing Excellence Award:  Honors a retailer that effectively executes sales and promotional techniques to increase sales and customers including the use of advertising, public relations, social media and more.
  8. Customer Service Excellence Award: Recognizes a retailer that provides an unmatched level of customer service, demonstrates familiarity with products and services, etc.
  9. Excellence in Store Design Award:Honors a retailer that demonstrates excellence in overall store design including merchandising displays, store layout, curb appeal and more.
  10. Community Service Award: Recognizes a retailer that demonstrates fellowship, integrity and a clear demonstration that the store is committed to giving back to the community.

Top Five Reasons to Exhibit in a Tradeshow

Global Pet Expo 2013 is five months away and you haven’t reserved your booth space yet.  It would be easy for me to steal a line from Nike and tell you to just do it.  Instead, here are five reasons to show just how beneficial and important attending a trade show can be…

1)   Ninety percent is just showing up. Being at a trade show in person and presenting what you have to offer directly to your target audience gives you a chance to get your own individual personality across. It allows you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and allows you to answer questions and simultaneously build relationships that you never would have made online or through other impersonal marketing strategies.

2)   Showcases your work in a real-life setting. Although this may seem obvious, trade shows allow prospective customers to literally pick-up your products, touch and feel them. This is a much different – and beneficial – experience than just seeing a picture of your product on your website. Plus it gives you the chance to fully explain and show how your product works, along with highlighting benefits your product offers that others at the trade show don’t.

3)   Reputation is everything. Attending trade shows can help solidify your place in the industry, not only as a stellar company that makes reliable products, but also as an expert in the industry. Building on this reputation year-after-year can lead to increased sales and business prospects.

4)   Opportunity to Learn. Trade shows are a unique opportunity to be in the same place and space as your competitors and clients. It’s an ideal way to observe what your competitors are doing right and what you’re doing wrong, or vice-versa. Trade shows also let you speak to your audience directly. There are few chances in business to find out what your clients really require from your services and products, but exhibitions offer that chance.

5)   Ideas, ideas, ideas. Attending trade shows not only gives you insight into what your competitors are doing, but it also gives you the chance to participate in great presentations and workshops. There you can have the opportunity to get a taste of new techniques and strategies that you can apply to your own business model.

These are only a few of the ways trade shows can help manufacturers sell more product and improve business.  If you want more, let me know at Andy@americanpetproducts.org