Top Five Reasons to Exhibit in a Tradeshow

Global Pet Expo 2013 is five months away and you haven’t reserved your booth space yet.  It would be easy for me to steal a line from Nike and tell you to just do it.  Instead, here are five reasons to show just how beneficial and important attending a trade show can be…

1)   Ninety percent is just showing up. Being at a trade show in person and presenting what you have to offer directly to your target audience gives you a chance to get your own individual personality across. It allows you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and allows you to answer questions and simultaneously build relationships that you never would have made online or through other impersonal marketing strategies.

2)   Showcases your work in a real-life setting. Although this may seem obvious, trade shows allow prospective customers to literally pick-up your products, touch and feel them. This is a much different – and beneficial – experience than just seeing a picture of your product on your website. Plus it gives you the chance to fully explain and show how your product works, along with highlighting benefits your product offers that others at the trade show don’t.

3)   Reputation is everything. Attending trade shows can help solidify your place in the industry, not only as a stellar company that makes reliable products, but also as an expert in the industry. Building on this reputation year-after-year can lead to increased sales and business prospects.

4)   Opportunity to Learn. Trade shows are a unique opportunity to be in the same place and space as your competitors and clients. It’s an ideal way to observe what your competitors are doing right and what you’re doing wrong, or vice-versa. Trade shows also let you speak to your audience directly. There are few chances in business to find out what your clients really require from your services and products, but exhibitions offer that chance.

5)   Ideas, ideas, ideas. Attending trade shows not only gives you insight into what your competitors are doing, but it also gives you the chance to participate in great presentations and workshops. There you can have the opportunity to get a taste of new techniques and strategies that you can apply to your own business model.

These are only a few of the ways trade shows can help manufacturers sell more product and improve business.  If you want more, let me know at